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Thank you for being open to the Enneagram and the wisdom it offers. These teachings can help us all become more human, more authentic, and more responsible for how we interact with others and how we live our lives. They require a certain humility on our part. We are asked to see ourselves with honesty and courage, to emerge from our “sleep” and to recognize that we are so much more than our mental and emotional patterns.

Whether you are a new student to the Enneagram or an experienced one, your study of the Enneagram can continue anywhere, anytime just by using one simple tool: the mindful pause. The Enneagram invites us to bring ourselves to the present moment. The personality patterns that it describes are habits we learned to make us feel better about past wounds or to feel more secure and protected from future harm. But the real place of safety is in the present, the only time we can mindfully choose how to act and respond. When we pause and connect with our breath, we are bringing our mind to the present – we wake up.

It can be as simple as saying to ourselves as we inhale, “Breathing in” and as we exhale, “Breathing out.” The trick is to remember to take a breath. In doing so, we immediately bring ourselves to the present. In that pause, we can experience the momentum or the energy that is driving us – the fear, anger or shame operating in the background that propels most of our behavior – and release it’s hold on us.

Mindful Pause Workshop:

In this all-day workshop, we will develop the “mindful pause,” especially in situations that trigger the reactive aspects of our type.

We will look at the “Rules of Life” for each type to better understand how they unconsciously run us. We will also review how our Enneagram subtype colors everything we see. There will be plenty of time to practice the “catch and release”: seeing our reactive pattern arise and letting it go.

The class is designed to awaken more happiness, peace and freedom using the Enneagram.