E-Lab #2: Honoring Others

with Frank De Luca, Ph.D.

Saturday, June 16, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Community Church
4590 Carmel Valley Road
Carmel, CA

Cost: $140

One of the greatest benefits of studying the Enneagram is that you learn how to get along better with others. But more than that, you begin to feel what it is like to be the other. You see the world through their eyes, not yours. This is a powerful shift.

In this E-Lab we will explore:

  • common misconceptions and judgements about the Types
  • the tender spots for each of the Types, their sensitivities and defenses
  • what each Type needs from you to feel seen and heard

We will do this through:

  • exercises to deepen your understanding of each type
  • demonstrations using Type information to open new avenues of understanding
  • an opportunity to do role-playing

E-Labs are designed to give you hands-on experience of how the information of the Enneagram operates in your life. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or a long-time student, the wisdom of these teachings emerges slowly overtime if you know how to engage with them. Using the “one-room school house” approach, we learn from one another, no matter how inexperienced or knowledgeable you are about your personality type.

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For more information, contact Program Coordinator Sue Unser at sue@arichlife.com or call 559-359-9494. To learn more about the Enneagram, visit  arichlife.com/enneagram. Please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.

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